Drawing Is Simple

Learn the skills you need without getting lost in the weeds.

I believe in teaching exactly the skills that you need in order to achieve your goals. Complex theory, mathematics, and overwrought explanations of simple concepts drive me up the wall, and I'm sure you feel the same way. So I design my lessons to give you the kind of experience I had learning under an experienced working artist. This course is designed to be useful for beginning artists and advanced artists too. We'll cover the entire process of drawing heads, from simple construction, movement in space, feature drawing, shadowing, and all the way through to a refined finish.
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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Simple Head Structure

    • Simple Head Structure

    • Simple Head Structure, Profile

    • Drawing Varied Angles With Our Simplified Head Structure

    • Sketching In Basic Features

  • 3


    • Simple Lighting: Overhead Light

    • Simple Lighting: Underlighting

    • Simple Lighting: Classic Side Light

  • 4

    Drawing Facial Features

    • Drawing Features: Eyes

    • Drawing Features: Noses

    • Drawing Features: Mouths

    • Drawing Features: Ears

    • Drawing Features: Detail and Shadow

  • 5

    Drawing a Superhero Head

    • Drawing a Superhero Head: Rough In

    • Drawing a Superhero Head: Tight Line Drawing

    • Drawing a Superhero Head: Sketching in Hair

    • Drawing a Superhero Head: Shadows

    • Drawing a Superhero Head: Finishing Our Hair

    • Drawing Superhero Heads: Linework and Final Detail

What you'll learn

This course covers a range of fundamental skills, including:

  • How to draw a basic Loomis and Buscema inspired head construction

  • How to draw every facial feature, in detail

  • Shadow placement, and working with light sources

  • How to draw detailed and believable hair

  • How to bring your skills together and complete a finished, professional drawing

  • The step-by-step process for drawing clean, finished art from a well proportioned underdrawing


  • Hi Resolution Images

    Hi resolution images of each stage of the course that you can download and use as a guide.

  • Projects

    Demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts by completing the included assignments.

  • Community

    Join with fellow artists where you can receive and offer feedback.

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